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Nigeria Mafia Lynch Thief Secof He Go Steal Fowl



Some middle-age local thief who ein name bi Victor lost ein life after some angry group burn am yesterday secof he go stealing fowl.

According to DailyPost, dem lynch Victor for Abitu Avenue Ekpo Edem Street, Calabar South local government area, Cross River State.

George Asuquo, who bi eyewitness, say “the victim has been in the habit of stealing things like car battery, generators and livestock including chickens in the neighbourhood, but people have become wiser.

“He never knew that word has gotten out about his illicit activities in the area. Although when he was caught last year by vigilante he was given the last warning which he obviously did not heed to.

“He came as usual in the early hours of Tuesday to steal some chicken but the chicken started making noise and alerted people that something was not right that was when they knew an intruder was in the environment.

“The people mobilised and laid siege for him, he was apprehended at about 4:00 am, the people refused to let him off the hook this time, hence they didn’t wait for too long before beating him up and setting him ablaze for the fowl he stole,” Asuquo talk.

Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Irene Ugbo no like what the people for the area do. She come condemn the act. She also advice say peolpe for take suspects give the police.

“We are not supporting criminals and their activities, but people must understand that jungle justice is against the law, they should hand over suspects to the police for further investigation and prosecution,” has talk.

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Make You Reward Me Before I Die- Ogidi Brown Beg President Nana Akufo Addo




Ghanaian musician, Ogidi brown put chaw entertainment industry players for some sad corner.

The only physically challenged musician say make Ghanaian Radio den TV stations plus President Nana Akufo Addo celebrate am before he go die. The musician who also dey manage an artist post for Facebook say dem admit am for hospital for 8days wey he dey in some serious condition.

See Facebook post:

“Celebrate me today, talk about me today, post my picture on social media today and wish me well, pray for me everywhere, Tv and Radio, i want to see this live, Dont let me die before my family will see you were a big fan, I’ve been admitted at hospital for 8days in serious condition, Mr President, Nana Akufo Addo @nakufoaddo this is Ogidibrown, a Ghanaian hiplife/highlife musician. Am the only physically challenged artiste in a wheelchair trying to build the hope of others to know disability is not an excuse, Mr President my problem is Ghana music authorities are cheating me too much, i started doing music commercially from 2016 and I’ve invested alot in music, but i haven’t been nominated before, please i want you to reward me before i die, thank you Mr President thank you Ghana”.

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E/R:Police Catch School Dropout Kidnapper




Police for Akim Oda wey dey the Eastern Region Ghana catch 19-year-old suspect secof he kidnapp nine-year-old boy.

The police catch the suspect, Ebenezer Oko, who also dropout from Atweaman SHS for Akim Manso, on Monday February 17, 2020, near Mobile Money merchant for Jamaica, Akim Oda.

Na suspect dey go withdraw money the Police sheda send to ein Mobile Money account so say dem fit bring am from ein hideout.

The suspect kidnap the victim as na he dey go house from town haverst police records say.

The victim, who has since been rescued, recounted that Ebenezer Oko accosted him on his way from a toilet on the outskirts of the town. The victim Police rescue talk say Ebenezer Oko walk plus am from toilet

Ebenezer lie to the victim say he bi new for the town so make the boy lead am to the next town Akim Manso.

From Akim Manso, the suspect take the victim go Akim Asene, the next town, to Akim Oda, ebi there dem bed for hotel inside till day break. Ebi there wey the suspect call the victim ein mommy.

Victim Ein Mommy Ein Reports

The victim ein mommy, Mary Baah, before report the matter give police say ein other son come talk am say he see say ein ein kiddy bro dey follow some man bi for town.

According to the kiddy ein mommy, she get some call from unknown number wey tell am say he kidnap ein son. The kidnapper say he dey keep the boy some unknown location so the kiddy ein mommy for pay Ghc 5,000 before he go release ein son. The talk the suspect say she no fit get am the amount he dey ask, for there, suspect ask for Ghc 50.

The victim ein mommy do fast wey she send the money but the suspect no release the boy.

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The People We Dey Preach To Bi Same People Wey Dey Chop Ghana Money- Sam Korankye Ankrah




The Founder den leader of the Royalhouse Chapel International, Reverend Sam Korankye Ankrah say government for make sure dem punishment people wey dey put dema body for corruption inside.

According to am, plenty examples dey wey dey show say some government officials break the laws wey dey the country inside.

For ein interview plus Bernard Avle ahead of ein 60th birthday celebrations he say: “It’s a problem, that the people who come to us and sit in our presence and hear us preach are the same people who govern this nation and are in public office and yet it is very difficult to practice righteousness. Corruption is high.”

“Our country is not the only country bracing itself with this canker, even in America and everywhere, except that, in other jurisdictions, the law will deal with you. Over here, when you are caught, there is always a way where somebody somewhere will get you off the hook,” he talk.

Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah agree say for plenty years, the level of corruption people wey dey public office do reach problematic level. “I advocate that if the law will be applied a little bit to bite more, it will shake people and make them sit up” – he add.

Reverend Sam Korankye Ankrah serve as the Apostle General give Royalhouse Chapel International, a church for Ghana wey get more than 30,000 members.

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